Palace of King Nestor

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In the southwest of the Peloponnese peninsula in the province of Messinia is one of the main attractions of the Peloponnese - the palace of King Nestor. King Nestor - the semi-mythical king - led the Achaean warriors during the war near Troy. The palace is a complex of several buildings that were residential from the XIII to XI centuries BC. According to Homer's Odyssey, King Nestor received Telemachus, son of Odysseus, in this palace and offered him a bath with aromatic oils. It is interesting that during excavations stone structures were found in which, according to archaeologists, the inhabitants of the palace could take baths.

After getting acquainted with the archaeological territory of the palace of Nestor, our way lies to the city of Pylos, located on the shores of the Gulf of Navarino. The history of the Gulf of Navarino goes back centuries. From here, King Nestor with his ships sailed to Troy. During the period of the national liberation struggle of the Greeks against the Ottoman yoke, the Allied flotillas of Russia, England and France entered the battle in the Bay of Navarino. October 20, 1827 27 ships of the Allied fleet defeated the Turkish-Egyptian squadron (120 ships and 1000 soldiers) under the command of Ibrahim Pasha. Monuments to Russian, French and English sailors are erected on the island of Navarino.

Having visited the city of Pylos and the majestic fortress of Metoni, located nearby, we will go to Voidokiglia beach. Voidokilia Bay and beach are declared archaeological sites and a place of exceptional natural beauty.

- It is advisable to have a copy of your passport and insurance with you.
- It’s recommended to wear comfortable shoes, hats, carry water and use sunscreens for the tour.
- Entrance fees to the Nestor Museum are paid separately.