Ancient Messina

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This is one of the most significant in size and shape of the cities of antiquity. Here are located not only temples and public buildings, but also fortifications, dwellings and ancient burials. The city was given a rare privilege - it was neither destroyed nor buried under modern settlements. This natural environment combines the greatness of the mountain Delphi and the tranquility of the Olympia rivers. Ancient Messina is protected in the northeast by a natural wall - Mount Ifomi. The rest of the city was surrounded by powerful walls of approximately 9.5 km in length, which can be seen today. The road from the village of Mavromati leads to the museum. Passing through vineyards and olive groves, the theater of ancient Messina with towering walls and the Arsinoe fountain opens in front of us. Continuing along this narrow path, we see on the left an ancient place - Agora and immediately after it the sacred place of Asclipio.