Malevi and St. Theodore

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The ancient monastery of Malevi is located on Mount Parnon, which was called the second Holy Mountain due to the abundance of monasteries and hermitages here. Malevi Monastery was the first one built on this site.

One of the most famous inhabitants of the monastery is the Monk Neil the Myrrh-streaming, subsequently glorified Athos desert-dweller. "Posthumous broadcasts of the Nile of the Myrrh-streaming", containing prophecies about the end of the world, are known all over the world. In the monastery of Malevi there is a part of the holy head of the Monk Nile transferred from Athos that exudes the world.

The venerated icon of the cloister Virgin of Malevia also exudes chrism. It is very ancient, according to legend was written back in the 1st century by the apostle and evangelist Luke. Through prayers in front of this icon or after the anointing with the chrism it exudes, many miraculous healings occur, including  cancer and mental illness. The monastery has collected fifteen volumes with a description of the miracles that descended from the Malevian icon.

Next you will visit the most amazing church in Greece - the church of the Great Martyr Theodora. The church is the embodiment of the last will of St. Theodora before martyrdom: "Lord, make a temple out of my body, trees from my hair, and a river from blood." On the site of the death of St. Theodora built a small tomb. Suddenly a stream of water poured out from  it, which gradually increased. In the 12th century a chapel appeared on this place, and today seventeen large trees grow directly from the stone roof of this chapel. So far, this phenomenon has not received a natural explanation, since these trees do not have roots under the roof, and no roots go down to the ground along the walls either.