Kefalonia Island

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All guests of the Peloponnese have a unique opportunity to visit the island of Kefalonia, famous for its mountain scenery, pristine beaches and a unique stalactite cave, at the bottom of which there is a small lake.

The cruise will start from the port of Killini. A walk along the waters of the Ionian Sea and sea landscapes will not leave you indifferent.

The program on Kefalonia begins with a visit to small secluded beaches surrounded by forests and mountains. The program provides for swimming.

Then we head to the Melissani cave, at the bottom of which the lake is located - this is a real miracle of nature, it is illuminated by daylight through a natural hole in the cave arch. You can take a boat ride and take great pictures.

A stop for lunch is also provided (at your own expense).

Юлия Михалевич
Уважаемые соискатели недорогого, но уютного и спокойного отдыха! Остановите свой выбор на этом отеле!!!! Мы остались очень довольны!!! Придраться всегда есть к чему, раз уж вы едете придираться! Все было очень просто, но очень здорово! Отдыхали с 06.07.15 по 13.07.15. Прилетели рано, но заселили сразу. Дали прекрасный номер студио (как и бронировали) с видом на море!!!!! Честно, один вид и звуки моря - стоят этой поездки! На...