Maly Theatre

One of the oldest theaters in Russia, opened in October 1824 in Moscow.

The basis of the Maly theatre repertoire is Russian and foreign classics. It is, first of all, the plays of A.N. Ostrovsky who, by right, is called as the founder of Russian national theatre. The important place in the repertoire of the theater occupy the performances after the plays of A.P. Chehov — "Uncle Vanya", “ the Cherry garden ”, "the Seagull", “Three sisters ”, and the plays after A.K. Tolstoy telling about history of the Russian State, the trilogy — "Tsar Ioann Grozny", "Tsar Feodor Ioannovich" and "Tsar Boris". Music for these performances is written by a great Russian composer G.V. Sviridov.

At present, the management of the Maly theatre pays great attention to the contacts with foreign theatres. During the last years Maly has visited France, Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Korea, China, Latvia, Holland, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

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