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Отзыв о компании - nastia, 23.08.2012

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23 августа 2012

I really liked the hotel and all tours, there are two villages, they can buy whatever you want, the service is very good, food super!!!!!!) of the total many on the territory of the hotel!))) Territory well, for children there are slides and swings and, in the evening there are special entertaining program. We had a Hope, a very good guide, our group is very grateful to her. Christina which could translate all the staff (the staff is very good) around the large swimming pool works ice cream vendor, ARIS. Local is very общательны.Была эксскурсия in the mountains it is very beautiful without words. Greece as a lot of and stores, so that you can buy and cognac and that the другое.Спасибо you for this opportunity to visit there.