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Отзыв о компании - khatuna khartishvili, 23.07.2015

Отзыв написал
khatuna khartishvili
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23 июля 2015

Dear  Mr.  Mouzenidis,
I would  like to thank your company  and  especially Tbilisi and Rhodes teams  for organizing  very  interesting  tour to Greece for  my family in July 2015.  I am full of  great emotions after Greece  and  will return  back at my first convenience.  
To say  the truth  I was  a  bit  frustrated   after cancellation  of  direct  flights  from Tbilisi to Rhodes and expected  more  complications,  but fortunately  your great  professional  staff  made  my vacation  unforgettable.  
Of  course you know  everything about your great country.  Greece is  a diamond in the world.  But  main  message  of this letter is  your  very well  organized company and  very  professional   staff.  
I had  2  days  in  Thessaloniki,  which  were  not planned  in  the beginning.  I am very thankful to  Dimitri and Marina,  Mouzenidis Travel employees at Grand  Palace  Hotel – they were very helpful with  information,  early/late check out, etc..  it was  nice surprise  that  both were from my home  country  and could  communicate to my 7 year  old  sonJ
Next  great  point was  very well organized  transfers.   All drivers / cars / buses  were  showing  high level  of  your service.  Thank  you .
Our  hotel  guide – Denis  was  extremely  helpful  young man.  Like an  Aladin’s  lamp gin he was always  ready to fulfil our  requests.   Special  thanks  to him. Also,  to  Mikhalis,  Rhodes office  guide.  He  guided  our premium  tour to Symi.  
But highlight of  our travel to Greece was Mouzenidis  travel staff  Yannis   who  guided  Grand Aegean Tour  on Rhodes.   Greece was  23rd country I have  visited ,  but I have never met such a professional   guide.  I can  not compare him  to anyone –  endless interesting  information, great sense of  humor,   talent of  entering   tourists for  10 hoursJ    you  are very rich  that you have  such people  at  your company.    and   your  staff  I have  met  make  me  think  that Mouzenidis  Travel   HR and Marketing offices  work perfectly.
And  finally  I would  like  to  express  my  gratitude  to  Mouzenidis Tbilisi  office  for  their  great support  and  planning  my  trip.   At the same time   I would  like  to apologize for  my pessimistic mode  -  my fairs were  exaggerated – everything went  well as  Yaniss  from Tbilisi office predictedJ    
Mr. Mouzenidis,  I am sorry for  such a  long  email  .  I appreciate  your time and  attention.   I just wanted  to express  my gratitude  personally  to you  that you  make  people  happy.  I wish Mouzenindis  travel  and especially  your  Tbilisi  branch even more success in future !!
Khatuna   Khartishvili
Site  manager of  CWT  implant office  at  the US embassy Tbilisi
P.S.  I am sorry  for  the letter in English,  I speak fluent Russian,  but  print  in Russian very slow.